Theater team performing on “Health and Hygiene”

Though access to basic health facilities is a basic right of every person but the people of Taluka Johi have been deprived of such facilities over decades but government as always, has paid only lip services to these poor people. A random assessment conducted in UC Sawro of “Kachho” by REACH states that the Health status of people and animals has been badly affected due to consecutive floods of 2010-2012. situation has changed from bad to worst. People of rural areas of Taluka Johi increasing incidents of diarrhea among children, skin diseases in human beings and in animals, eye infection, fever, gastro, stomach pain and vomiting has caused death of many innocent children and the indigenous people of Kachho are forced to shift to urban areas since district Dadu was declared disaster prone and the people are not in the position to afford heavy looses of life and to the resources of life every or other year. It was frequently mentioned that absence of income generation opportunities and unhygienic condition due to scarcity of water are the major contributors of Health issues, these issues are spreading fast and the government is taking no measure to improve the health status of poor people of the Kachho.

Session on “Mother & Child Health Care”

However, with the help of communities, other actors, local government and social activists REACH is voluntary working and is seriously involved to contribute as much as possible. REACH has formed a good number of villages Committees in different UC of the Taluka and giving trainings to committee members to raise awareness regarding HEALTH and HYGIENE. Moreover, theater group of REACH has been staging theater performances for the promotion of “Health and Hygiene” in different villages of the Taluka while other volunteers Are actively involved in conducting health sessions in communities and schools wherein modern techniques and effective approaches like PHAST, CHAST and CLTS are being implemented.