Theater Performance on Article 25-A

On the one hand, in the 21st Century which will be the century of competition and in terms of merit and skill, no nation or society can envision development without education, on the other Pakistan is lagging behind in education sector, even the poorest countries like Sri lanka and Bangladesh are far better than Pakistan vis-à-vis education.

Education in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has improved comparatively, while the condition in Sindh, is the worst. There are total 49000 primary and secondary schools in Sindh, out of which approximately 18000 are defunct.
Most of those are used as go-downs and get-together places of local influential landlords.

Since the enrolment in schools of rural areas of Taluka Johi is increasingly decreasing while the girls schooling is alarmingly low. Keeping this in view, the volunteers of “REACH” Organization have been making efforts to increase
the enrolment in schools and encourage girls` schooling through mobilization, community events, rallies, Sports, theater performances on “ARTICLE 25-A” and Signature campaigns in communities and public-private schools.

An impact evaluation of theater performances performed by a professional theater group of REACH shows that there has been great impact of such interesting programs that have helped foster interest and willingness of the
communities towards the schooling of girls and paying attention to education.