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Introduction to REACH

Rural Empowerment And Community Help (REACH) is a non-political, non-religious and non-governmental organization founded by a group of dynamic and well experienced youngsters in 2008 and re-registered under the Social Welfare Agencies act 1961 In 2013. REACH is an organization of youth working for the betterment of community and ultimate social development. It is the leading organization of district Dadu in terms of youth volunteerism who are specialized in different fields and with their interchangeable expertise they are highly committed to serving the community on voluntary basis. Our organization solely relies on volunteerism of its members who are starving hard selflessly to uplift the community and working shoulder to shoulder with the most marginalized section of the community.

REACH (Rural Empowerment And Community Help) is youth-led Organization who are energetic and experienced professionals voluntary working together since 2008 at Taluka Johi of District Dadu. Taking into account the worsening conditions of the taluka the youth felt a dire need in order to empower the community and help the most vulnerable section of the community with technical themes so that they could utilize their own resource and become self-sufficient, self-reliant, be educated and aware of their right for a dignified life. Hence, an office was established in Taluka Johi and latter on, the organization was officially registered with Social Welfare Agencies Act 1961 in 2013.

since then, REACH has attracted a great number of youth with full commitment and enthusiasm not only for selfless service to the community but their own personnel and professional development as the organization provides a huge and safe environment to male and female equally. So far, REACH Organization has produced a good number of youngsters who are serving in other local, National and International organizations on different position at different basis throughout Sindh province. Besides, the organization is building the capacity of students to compete at all stages of competitive exams and in employability market.

Historically, Taluka Johi of District Dadu has seen many disasters in the shape of cyclone, Drought, Earthquake, Epidemics, Heavy Rains and floods and the rural people of the Taluka Johi are more badly affected than those living in other talukas of Dadu thus, it becomes much more difficult for them to resettle and bring life to routine. Following the consecutive floods of 2010 and 2012 the Taluka has experienced history`s toughest time ever in terms of illiteracy, Poverty, unemployment, destruction of infrastructure and Health. Having analyzing the situation “REACH” organization, along with other stakeholder has been working with its primary focus on EDUCATION, HEALTH & HYGIENE, HUMAN RIGHTS, ENVORONMENT, CAPACITY BUILDING,ADVOCACY and YOUTH DEVELOPMENT to bring about the change and to improve the lives of indigenous people of Taluka Johi.